Why Study With Us

Why Study With Us

views September 14, 2023

Qualified academicians

Our faculty members are highly qualified with brilliant academic backgrounds. Many have vast experiences in teaching and research.

Efficient Administration

Efficient administration of UB is capable of solving problems quickly and effectively. The Vice Chancellor, the board of Trustee, the Dean, the Advisor, the Registrar, the Exam Controller and the Departmental Heads take care of administrative and academic affairs.

Waiver & Scholarship

There are huge waiver and scholarship benefits for meritorious and financially needy students.

Competitive Tuition Fees

Though the quality of education hope is high, the tuition fees of UB are comparatively less (considering all types of facilities for the students) among the private universities in Bangladesh.

Flexible payment system

Mode of payment of tuition and other fees is convenient. Students can pay their fees in several installments.

ICT Facilities

UB is going to be a complete digital university in Bangladesh by enhancing its technology-based education and operation with facilities such as computer labs, modern ICT based class rooms, education ERP and WIFI on campus.


UB has introduced e-library for its students. Any UB student can be registered at the e-library. All registered students may get international reference books as well as local books through the internet.

Online Notice Board

UB publishes all notices and announcements on the “Notice Board” of UB website. As a result, all UB students can get notices and announcements from any corner of the world and remain up to date.

Center for Career Development (CCD)

CCD is performing a pivotal role to ensure job and internship placement for the students of the University. CCD is also responsible for arranging workshops, training programs, seminars, symposiums, job fairs at intra-university and inter-university level on a regular basis for the professional development of students.


Centre for Research and Innovation

It is a unique center that emphasizes scientific research and analysis, development and systems engineering and integration. The purpose of the university is not concentrated only on disseminating knowledge but also to create new knowledge and innovation.

Comfortable Classroom & Labs

Classrooms are neat and clean and air-conditioned with comfortable seating arrangement. All the rooms carry multimedia projectors and proper ventilations and lights. Labs are well facilitated.

Secure Campus

UB is fully secured with latest monitoring devices such as built-in CCTVs, metal detectors etc.