About, Mission & Vision

About, Mission & Vision

views October 13, 2021


Located at the heart of the city, the University of Brahmanbaria emerged as a center of knowledge creation driving positive social change. University of Brahmanbaria aspires to empower the youth with quality education, diverse skillset, flexibility, enhance knowledge and prepare them with the necessary competencies needed to face the challenges of the 21st century. The institution not only focuses on enhancing the employability of its students but devote considerable attention to prepare them as social leaders and change-makers who are motivated to be active citizens of Bangladesh. The University of Brahmanbaria is committed to engage in the empowerment of the youth so that they can positively contribute to the sustainable development of the country.


The mission of the University of Brahmanbaria is to offer outstanding, effective, and globally competitive academic and research programs as well as to engage our students in such related activities as are directly linked to the socio-economic and cultural empowerment of the people of Bangladesh and beyond.


UB is highly committed to providing quality education, specifically Education for Social Change. We believe a just, humane, and enlightened society can only be built through proper education, visionary leadership, gender equity and, most importantly, with the help of socially responsible citizens equipped with excellent knowledge and skills.